Random acts of kindness inspired by
26 year old Tiffany Long who has
lost her battle with Cancer.

Use #TheTiffanyProject on social media to share your story
of an act of kindness and help bring a smile to someone's face.

#TheTiffanyProject story:

Only 26 years old, Tiffany Long had been battling cancer for over a year. Before the cancer, Tiffany worked in the public school system with developmentally challenged children and volunteered with the Special Olympics. #TheTiffanyProject was originally created to help bring a smile to her face, just the same way she has brought countless smiles to others. Tiffany has always been a selfless person, and seeing her friends, family and even complete strangers perform selfless acts themselves brought an incredible amount of joy to her life.

Even though she is no longer with us, you can help continue her legacy by performing random acts of kindness, and if you feel like sharing, posting the story to your favorite social media sites using the hashtag #TheTiffanyProject.

Do something

Anything from buying a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you to volunteering at your local animal shelter, just do your part to brighten someone's day and bring a smile to their face.

Show off

Take a photo, shoot a video or simply write a story about your random act of kindness and share it with the world using the hashtag

Pass it on

Help bring even more joy to those around you by spreading the word. If someone thanks you, tell them about the Tiffany Project and have them pay it forward.

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Ready to do something?

Document your random act of kindness and upload it to your
favorite social media accounts using the hashtag #TheTiffanyProject